The agriculture department has said that the farmers of the irrigated areas should preferably complete the cultivation of wheat by November 20. The farmers of the irrigated areas should use certified seeds of the approved varieties of the agriculture department for higher production of wheat per acre. Our determination is not to import and export wheat. Is.
According to the spokesperson of the Agriculture Department, the farmers of the irrigated areas are expected to produce more wheat till November 15, while Sadiq 21, Nawab 21, Nishan 21, Durum 2021, NARC Super, Ghazi 19, Subhani 21, Rehbar 21 and MH 21 are cultivated for 30. Complete by November, in addition to Uroog 22, Akbar 19, Dakhla 20, Johar 16, Borlag 16, Zincol 16, Ujala 16, Anaj 17 and Faisalabad 8 by December 10, wheat farmers Bhakar Star 19 Complete the cultivation from November 10 to December 10. Apart from this, Sadiq 21 and Nawab 21 are the most suitable varieties for all districts of South Punjab.

Farmers should use 40 to 45 kg seeds per acre till November 20 and 50 kg seeds per acre from November 21 to December 10 and the seed germination rate should not be less than 85%.

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