In order to protect the gardeners from the expected damage of the weevil, it has been advised to put a 2 to 3 feet fence on the stems of the mango plants in the last week of November and the first week of December and it has been said that the gardeners should ensure the implementation of the above recommendation so that they emerge from the ground soon after winter. The young wasps cannot climb up the stem and damage the plants.
Experts from Mango Research Institute, Ithmar, said that there are two types of bands applied on plant stems, one is adhesive and the other is sliding. Is.
He said that the dams should be inspected regularly and if the adhesive dams start to dry up, they should be reapplied so that they remain effective till the month of April, while the sliding dams, which consist of polythene or plastic sheets, are not effective. Before planting, it should be ensured that the surface of the stem is smooth, and if the surface of the stem is not smooth, first apply dung and soil to the stem smooth the surface of the stem and coat the lower ends of the dam well with mortar. It should be closed so that insects cannot climb up from under it.

He said that with a slight rise in temperature after winter, under this embankment, baby wasps are seen in large numbers, which try to climb on the plants, but at that time, they are killed by using kerosene or poisons. It can be done. He further said that timely treatment of this harmful and dangerous insect is very important because it becomes difficult to remove this insect from the garden where it enters.

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